Cabin Crew Attestation

The Cabin Crew Attestation is the certificate that you obtain after you successfully  complete  the initial Cabin  Crew  Training  course.




The Crew Academy offers a wide range of courses for Cabin Crew, Pilots and Ground personnel.



C.A. Aviation Management Services offers consulting services in a wide range of Aviation areas.


Part 145

Soon to be Approved Part 145 Organization dealing specifically with all inflatable safety and emergency equipment of aircraft.


Approved Training Organization

Crew Academy is the first Approved Training Organization (ATO) in Cyprus that can offer training and issue Initial Cabin Crew Attestations as per EASA Subpart CC.TRA. This will give the opportunity to Attestation Holders to apply to any European Airline and is recognised world wide. All the courses offered  and Certificates issued under the Approved Training Organisation are officially recognised by the Cyprus Civil Aviation Authorities as per EASA Regulations.



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Experienced Instructors

The Training Team involved in the Crew Academy have huge experience in training and they are considered experts in their field. All of the instructors have many years of experience with national airlines, as well as, low cost and charter airlines.

The aircraft types that the instructors have operated on, range from the early models of B707 to the late models of Airbus, both single aisle and wide body.



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E-Learning       Platform

A very strong and flexible e-learning platform is available for airlines and individuals to use as per EASA Regulations. Courses are available through distance learning. Using e-learning will minimize your training cost by reducing required man hours.  The use of the platform has the approval of the Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus. 


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Cabin Crew Attestation

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